Floky - Find lost things

Would you like to be sure your vehicle is in safety? Is your dog or cat often straying away and you would like to know where they are? Let Floky, the social vehicle and pet tracking application watch over your belongings!

What is Floky?
Flocky is a security technology mobile application for personal object tracking , which helps you to track your lost belongings with the power of social networking. We’ve created the most economical and ecological solution in order to be able to detect your lost vehicle’s or pet’s location with the help of beacon technology. You only need to register after that you are able to track more of your personal belongings anytime from anywhere.
The application is compatible with all beacons in the market, choose the one that fits your needs the best!

What can you track with Floky?

  • your car
  • your bicycle
  • your motorbike
  • your dog
  • your cat
  • or any other pet, vehicle etc.

How can you use it?

  1. Download the Floky app, make a quick registration and create your own account
  2. Add your beacons to your account (you can find a detailed user guide if you click here)
  3. Put the beacon in/on your vehicle, pet or any other thing you wish to track
  4. If that thing is lost, change the beacon’s status to ’lost’ and the network starts to localize your lost beacon
  5. If you or another user is in the beacon’s scope, you both receive a push notification about it
  6. Then you can directly contact each other with the help of the in-app messenger!

What is beacon?
Beacon is a small Bluetooth based device which sends signals to your smartphone and to other beacon devices.
Thanks to it’s small size, it can be put conveniently anywhere, you can even hide it so it is invisible for thieves, that is why it can help to track the location of your car in an unfortunate event of a robbery. You needn’t have to count with installation costs, because it is really simple to place.
Beacons can operate continuously even for years with a simple button or pencil battery which makes it even more economical and simple.

How does it work to find the lost things?

The user announces the loss of the object using the application, so that the beacon unit on it appears to all other users on the map if they are nearby. The application notifies the finder that it is passing by a reportedly abandoned object.
When you open the map, you can see all the associated data (name, phone number) of the given transmitter, on the basis of which the notifier can be notified. In this way, not only the designated authorities help the investigation,but all application users.

Be an everyday hero – help others to find their lost things too!