What solutions are web applications for?

Most web-based software are tailored to specific needs that help the daily life of a company or business. It speeds up routine tasks and helps management work. There are some common software groups that we provide unique solutions for:


Order tracking, order processing software


Online registration systems, customer databases, warehouse databases


Simplified enterprise and process management software


Intelligent device (rfid, chip, magnetic stripe) software identification


Newsletter systems, time booking, study software


CRM Systems

Our works


Our experienced programmers take care of all the tasks related to web development. We provide high quality frontend, backend, user interface (UI/UX) development and design services with quality assurance, dedicated project management and deployment support.

</> React Development
</> Vue.js Development
</> Angular Development
</> API development using Google Go (Golang) or PHP
</> Database solutions using MongoDB or MySQL
</> Full API documentation
</> Hosting with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Heroku


Responsive UI / UX design

It is a well-known fact that slow or hardly navigable pages or web applications create a negative first impression and do not achieve the desired business results. We can help you build well-functioning websites, webhosts, webshops that are based on good UI / UX. Our designer team is made up of well-known experts in Hungary, who are backed by the experience of many international projects:

Waterfall vs Agility


Usually one of the first questions at the beginning of joint work is:
What development methodology should we follow? It simple means how to organize workflows during development.
In order to achieve a successful project, we should work on the basis of the common practices of some development methodology.
Theese two are the most common ones
  • Agile development methodology
  • classic, traditional, so this is a waterfall methodology.
According to our experience, it is possible to start a development project in both directions of development, but it is advisable to know their advantages and disadvantages.

The waterfall model

The waterfall model is one of the best-known representatives of linear methodology. The method developed by the US Navy has been designed for high-level implementation of military software. The essence of the methodology is that the development is divided into several subprocesses and each phase is started after the previous approval and completion. The process is developed in a predetermined order, so much emphasis should be placed on designing the system. The advantage of the methodology is that it can be applied not only in software development but also in the field of product development through it’s high degree of regulation.


  • All the developers and the customers know at the beginning of the project what parts of the product will be developed and introduced.
  • There are more transparency in the project development phase, the customer has got more information of the development and the progress is also measurable.
  • For an easier, not too complex job it is more cost effective than the agile development method, leaving many iterations.
  • The customer does not require such a high degree of involvement as agile development.
  • Since the individual software elements are planned at an early stage of the project, later development can take place in parallel, so development is faster than the agile methodology.


  • If we do not devote enough time to designing the software, the app, or the web application at the beginning of the project, we will not get the functionality or user experience that we have expected.
  • The customer sometimes feels under pressure at the planning stage because of the many issues that need to be answered at this stage. Another problem maybe, that the customer may not be expected to be able to outline the wireframe of the prospective application or it’s precise operation. At the Appz4, we place special emphasis on design and help you embed a business idea with a dedicated project manager.

Agile methodology and Scrum

Agile software development supports fast and flexible solutions. With the collaboration of multifunctional and self-organizing teams, the software is developed by synchronizing the requirements and solutions.
Scrum is an agile software development methodology that focuses on group cohesion. Continuous oral communication and organization of personal meetings provide an effective way of developing. Scrum sets up specific roles and activities to cover all workflows.


  • The client has plenty of opportunities to intervene during the development process and can easily change functions.
  • The customer feels more involved in the project.
  • Development is even more user-centered due to many interactions.


  • Because this methodology is very large and requires constant time on the part of the client, there may be a problem if this does not happen and the development slows down, stops.
  • Agile works best when only dedicated developers and professionals work on it. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to start with a unique development below the given size.
  • Because agile development thinks in a specific time-based development with continuous re-prioritization, some software components or modules may not be time-consuming. This will result in additional sprints, which can easily mean the slippage of development time and the expense of costs.
  • Due to the iterative nature of the agile project, there may be a lot of refactoring (reconsideration, rewriting) that can lead to a deterioration in software product quality.

Web Development

We provide high quality frontend, backend, user interface (UI / UX) development.

Web Development

PHP Programming

PHP is an open source server-side command language with many attributes and frameworks.

PHP Programming

Webshop creation

Feature-rich marketplaces created with Appz4 offer many opportunities.

Webshop creation