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UX/UI design

UX/UI design

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Custom solutions

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Banking applications

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Our innovative software development team develops high quality custom software products and business applications. We offer a complete and customized software development solution that includes software design, responsive user interface (UI) and experience (UX) architecture, project management, quality assurance and maintenance. We have a dedicated project manager for your project.

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Native iOS and Android App

It provides convenient, fast and affordable transfer solutions to customers to get from or to the frequented districts of Budapest.

The app provides additional convenience for travelers, making it easy to track the route from the beginning to the end of the journey.

System integrations
Payment by Credit Card
Vehicle tracking


Native iOS and Android App

Another Set of Eyes (ANET) combines machine learning, gaming, traditional workshop methods and 360-degree video on an interactive road user training platform.

The iOS-based smartphone app is simple, elegant, and a great tool for creating an interactive course. Our client were selected by the application, as one of the 50 most innovative British companies in 2019.

Virtual reality
Test system
Push értesítések
Push notifications

Working Method

Planning is the key for success! We conduct a thorough business analysis and pay close attention to the design of your future product. Personal workshops bring the development process into line with your goals and provide you with the best possible product for your customers. The result will be a product that meets all your expectations. We provide high-quality source code, which is an easy way to further develop it in the future, providing competitive advantage.


Firstly we assess your needs within the framework of personal meetings, which is prepared in detail. Then we prepare the functional specifications for the project and design the product so the mockup of the app will be in your hands. Then we give you a quote and the project schedule. As a next step, we design the architectural plan, based on your business needs. UI design is a very important step and we work hard to give you the best customer experience to meet your business needs.


Our developers carry out frontend, backend, sitebuild, mobile developer tasks under the coordination of our project managers. We involve you in this process to ensure that you have the opportunity to advice changes if necessary.


Properly executed, pre-deployed and customer-supported testing ensures that you get the right quality product for your customers.

Go live

Work is not done when the app is uploaded to app stores, or when your webshop or unique websites are launched on servers. It is very important that the completed application is visible for potential customers. Our expert SEO and our online marketing specialists help you for the best solution!

Throughout the development, a dedicated project manager assists you in your work, to ensure you get the right quality, on time.

Throughout the development, a dedicated project manager assists you in your work, ensuring you get the right quality, on time.

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